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Here’s the latest artwork. A portrait of Mr Lee Ritenour, a great guitar player of funk, jazz, rock and brazilian music. That painting is a blink of an eye to a CD cover of  his album « Earth Run » 25 years later 🙂
>> Lee Ritenour gallery page
(click on the pic to enlarge it)


And here’s the  « Earth Run » CD cover back in 1986 when Lee used the Synthaxe Guitar…:-)


New Artwork!!!

Here’s the latest Jazz & Soul painting ! Mr Troy « Trombone Shorty » Andrews. An amazing young trombone and trumpet player who began playing trombone at age six in a brass band!!!!
>> Trombone Shorty gallery page

(Clic on the picture to enlarge it)



Here’s a pic oh him at age 5. You guess why he’s been called « Trombone Shorty » 🙂


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