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Meeting the Duke!

I recently had the honor to meet Mr George DUKE,  the master of keyboards, when he came to Paris for a show. And he made me the honor to sign his painting.Here are some pictures we took together.


“I can’t deny it’s me” He said…lol!


>> George Duke gallery page


Rhonda Henry’s Art

If You love great paintings and jazz music please check out the web site of Rhonda Henry who is inspired by John Coltrane’s music.It’s great!

Check it out:





Here’s a painting of my N° 1 sax hero Mr Davisd Sanborn .I did it 2 years ago and I forgot to put it here. So now it’s done 🙂
>> David Sanborn gallery page
(Click on the pic to enlarge it)

Mr Sanborn was in Paris for a gig a few days ago for an incredible performance, and I had the honor to meet him and tchat with him. Here are  pictures we took after the signing of the canvas:





This is a special artwork ,I’ve just finished for an exhibition that will occur in March 2012 in my town , Maisons-Alfort.
>> Miles Davis [2] gallery page
(Click on the pic to enlarge it)


This exhibit is called “MARS EN JAZZ” and I wanted to do a Miles Davis painting as a tribute to him and to the great artist Mati Klarwein who painted the “Bitches Brew” LP cover.

“Bitches Brew” by Mati Klarwein

That LP is known as  the great entrance of Miles Davis in jazz fusion, using electric instruments for his music. One of my favourite album and a real experience to listen to. (I’ve listen to it during all my painting work)



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