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Here’s a portrait of Mr Kyle Eastwood the famous movie star elder son. He’s a talentuous bass player and composer of jazz music and moviescores . He really is a very gentle guy. Check out his beautiful music ! (clic on the pic to enlarge it)



meeting with the american classical music legend!

Last july I had the honor to meet Mr Randy Weston the fantastic piano player . He kindly posed with his painting and gave me a warm welcome before his beautiful show at New Morning.



Meeting with the Elements !

Last July I had the absolute honor to meet the founder members of Earth Wind & Fire : Verdine White, Ralph Johnson and Philip Bailey backstage their Olympia hall show . What a memory ! All the band and staff gave me a warm welcome . They signed the tribute painting I made a few month ago when the band founder Mr Maurice White passed away…Here is a pic of that meeting and the every kind message Verdine white left on his facebook page the day after… It was incredible to meet those guys I like since so much time  !

13497897_1054193541283976_3470080416101448958_o                     verdine


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