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The Guitar hero

Here’s a painting of the great guitar player Dean Brown. That guy can play Jazz, Rock, Funk . He is a great composer and played with many awesome artists too. Please check him out ! (clic on the pic to enlarge it)

DEAN BROWN (1 of 1) - Copie (more…)


The Funk Rock Lady

Here’s a painting of the awesome bass player Nik West . Her energy on stage will knock You out ! Awesome player and singer with a fantastic look ! I’ve painted her like a kickass super heroin under the look of her mentor Prince himself  ! Funky !!!! (clic on the pic to enlarge it )

NIK1 (1 of 1) - Copie



Trompet from Switzerland

Here’s a painting of Mr ERIK TRUFFAZ the amazing trompet player. That guy is incredible and really sounds like Miles Davis in my ears. (Click on the pic to enlarge it)

ERIK TRUFFAZ (1 of 1) - Copie



Meeting with Mr BASH !

Here are some pictures of a signing of JOWEE OMICIL’s painting. I recently met that awesome multi instruments player. Beautiful human being ! Thanks for the signing man !




Meeting with the master of Keys !

Here’s a pic of a meeting with Bobby Ray Sparks the amazing keyboard player from Texas! I madethat painting of him back in 2011 !!! We finally met and the painting is now between Bobby’s hands 🙂21248306_1450875611615765_830580636182917777_o (more…)


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