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Blues man

Here’s my latest artwork : a portrait of the great Lucky Peterson ! (Click on the pic to enlarge it)

DSC00339 - Copie


Piano on the radio

Here’s my latest artwork. A portrait of the great jazz piano player and composer, Robert Glasper. I love his work and the multi musical influences he brings to his jazz music. (Clic on the pic to enlarge it)

robert glasper - copie

>>Robert Glasper gallery page


Bass Clarinet for Gorée

Here’s a painting inspired by Marcus Miller’s tune “Gorée” composed after he visited the Slaves House in Gorée Island (Senegal) where african people were waiting to be sent to the “New World” as Slaves …. A very deep title that I really dig… Thanks Mr Miller . (Clic on the pic to enlarge it)

>> GOREE (M.M.) gallery page

goree copie

Drummer Girl

Here’s a portrait in the half/half version I often use , of the great drummer and composer Terry Lyne Carrington. A must to listen to :-) (Click on the pic to enlarge it)

>>Terry Lyne Carrington Gallery Page


Gill Scott Heron & New Midnight Band’s tribute painting

Last September 2013 was the release of The New Midnight Band CD “Evolutionary Minded”  furthering the legacy of Gil Scott Heron. The band performed a  beautiful gig in Paris called  “The music of Gil Scott Heron Re-Visionned”. I was there and I was moved by the vibes of that beautiful show with french guests like Sandra Nkaké & Ji Dru. 3 months later here is what it blowed to my mind and to my brushes :-) (Click on the pic to enlarge it)

gsc tribute - Copie


Here’s an EPK of the “Evolutionary Minded” CD:

>>Gill Scott Heron Gallery Page

Live painting video

Here are some footage from the Live Painting event I made, on Saturday December 7th , at the Jazz Faces exhibit :-)


Review of the Jazz Faces exhibit in the webzine “The Block Underground”

Here’s a review of the Jazz Faces exhibit in the webzine “The Block Underground”. Thanks to Annna Tjé for coming to the show and for that kind revew :-)


Signing with Christian McBride

Here are 2 souvenir pics of a signing with Mr Christian McBride the awesome bass player at Duc des Lombards (Paris). He was very cool and propose to do that pic with his face completing the half face of the painting :great pic :-) Thank You Christian!




I recently had the great honor to meet Mr Hamad Jamal and his musicians Reginald Veal (Double Bass) Herlin Ryley (Drums) and Manolo Badrena (Percussions) . A great moment with these gentlemen after an amazing concert at Théatre de l’Odeon (Paris).

Here are some souvenir pics of that nice moment :-)


Signing with Reginald Veal


Signing  with Manolo Badrena


Signing with Ahmad Jamal


The ACM producers Catherine & Seydou Barry with the amazing quartet of Mr Jamal and the Blue Moon Painting :-)


Guitar from Senegal

Here’s a portrait of the great french guitar player Hervé Samb who was born in Senegal . He just made his 2nd album as a leader ”Time to Feel” which is a beauty. I was inspired by one of the tracks of the album called “Sama Yaye” (A tribute to his mother who passed away last year) to do that painting . Please check out Hervé Samb’s music You won’t regret it :-)

>>Hervé Samb Gallery Page


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