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Blaxploitation Pope

Here’s a portrait of the great Curtis Mayfield I just finished. A man of commitment who used his music and songs to give a strong message against drug and to explain the real situation in the black ghettos in the 60’s. One of my favourite soul & funk singer 🙂
>> Curtis Mayfield gallary page


New “BLACK NOTES” exhibition

As I mentioned a month ago, the “Black Notes” exhibition is gonna take place from May 2nd until June 30th in Maisons-Alfort. The Music Space team of the médiathèque asked me to extend the  “March in Jazz”painting exhibit 2 months more. So here it is, I hope You’ll have the opportunity to come to that show where there will be some new paintings exhibited 😉

Opening hours are here:

You can phone the médiathèque (4, rue Albert Camus – ask for Dominique or Jean Pierre at  l’Espace Musique ) or send me an email for more informations.

Hope to see You there 🙂


Oriental Trumpet…

Here’s is my latest painting. A portrait of the french Trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf. He plays with a special trumpet with a fourth added valve that allows him to have an oriental sound. That special Trumpet was created by his father Nassim Maalouf in the 60’s. He was born in Lebanon and enjoy our ears with his original music mixing Oriental Sounds with Funk and Jazz! A must to listen to 🙂 (Click on the pic to enlarge it)
>> Ibrahim Maalouf gallary page


Painting of “THE Man”

Here is my latest release. A portrait of Mr Barry “The Voice” White. So missed…. (Click on the pic to enlarge it)
>> Barry White gallary page




Hi everyone!

I’m glad to announce that the painting exhibition at La Médiathèque André Malraux in Maisons-Alfort is extended from May 2nd to June 30th ! So If You have not been able to come, You’ll have more time to see my paintings and the pictures of Jean-Claude Bourbault 🙂



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