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Meeting with Marcus Miller

Here are some souvenir pics from a cool meeting with the awesome musician and bass player Marcus Miller . He posed with the GOREE painting that he especially liked.

His manager Bernard Dulau kindly posed with the tribute painting to the great Jazz producer and lover FRANCIS DREYFUS.

Thank You gentlemen for your warm welcome !








Here’s a painting I did for Byron Miller to celebrate his Psycho Bass CD who came out JUne 1st. Byron in a space suit ready to play the space funk with the late great George Duke watching after him :-)  (click on the pic to enlarge it)



Byron Miller’s PSYCHO BASS CD booklet

I am proud to announce the release on  JUNE 1st of the 2nd CD for which I illustrated the booklet. The fourth album of Byron Miller, the Funk bassist who collaborated with George Duke and Luther Vandross ! He created the first funk bass solo that became a reference of its kind on the track “Reach For It” for George Duke in 1977! What a privilege to be a part of his new project. You can already preorder it on Itunes or Amazon for digital download or CD :-)

(click on the pic to enlarge it)

psychobass cd2

Byron Miller


All is Well !

Here’s a portrait of Lisa Simone , Nina Simone’s daughter, who is a brilliant jazz & soul singer . She released her 1st album “All is Well” this year. She has a great voice and has found her way far from the shadow of her mother the awesome Nina Simone. (clic on the pic to enlarge it)

Lisa Simone


Katche/Bona/Di Battista/Legnini : The ultimate quartet

Here’s a painting of the 4 amazing jazz musicians Manu Katche, Richard Bona, Stefano di Battista and Eric Legnini  playing together . These four musicians have come together to form an incredible quartet with beautiful compositions that occurs occasionally. Don’t miss them on stage! (click on the pic to enlarge it)

kbdl - Copie




Rainbow Shadow CD booklet

I’m proud to be a part of Reggie Washington’s new opus to come on June 1st 2015 called : “Rainbow Shadow” a tribute to Jef Lee Johnson. This album is dedicated to the music of the late great guitar player Jef Lee Johnson who passed away in January 2013. You must listen to that gem which magnified Jef Lee Johnson’s music with great guests ! The CD booklet and the CD itself is decorated with some of my paintings for this project . Thanks to Reggie Washington and Stefany Calembert from Jammincolors to use my artworks for that beautiful project.

You can preorder that CD by sending an email to




Tribute to Marcus Miller’s Slave Route Project

Here’s a painting in tribute to the upcoming CD of Marcus Miller “Afrodeezia” inspired by his involvement as a Goodwill Ambassador to UNESCO on the Slave Route Project. This album is a beautiful one and honors the African rhythms that were transported to new continent by the slaves who had the opportunity to express themselves only through music …. (clic on the pic to enlarge it)
afrodeezia - Copie


“FACE THE MUSIC” Exhibition

Eating a good housemade burger or having a just a drink among Marvin Gaye, Maceo Parker, Ibrahim Maalouf and other artists?
It is at the ” Coltrane Bar”& ” Cosmo Restaurant”, 38-40 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth Paris 3rd arrondissement beginning today!
The paintings exhibition “Face the Music” has just begun! Please share the event and enjoy your meal:-)


coltrane11 DSC03613




French Jazz & Rock Flavour

Here’s a double portrait of the great french singer Sandra Nkaké and the great flute player Jî Dru. They are 2 amazing french talents and You must listen to their music !

sandra nkake-ji dru - Copie


Psycho Bass draw

Here’s a little draw I’ve made for the upcoming CD of the great bass player Byron Miller “Psycho Bass”. Some fun drawing acrylique on paper. (not for sale)

Byron Miller


Old friends

Here’s a painting of 2 Jazz legends : George Duke and Al Jarreau. I had the envy to reunite them on a canvas after listening to Al Jarreau’s latest CD “My Old Friend ” which is a tribute to the late George Duke who passed away in August 2013. I love those 2 artists and had the honor to meet George Duke a few times. Al Jarreau’s CD is a  really beautiful tribute that You must listen to (click on the pic to enlarge it)



Cold Duck

Here’s a commissionned portrait of the late great saxophone player Eddie Harris who composed the great jazz standard “Cold Duck”. Amazing musician and composer ! The artwork’s background is featuring the theme of his 1st solo album called “Exodus to Jazz”. (click on the pic to enlarge it)



Young voice from Canada

Here’s a portrait inspired by  the latest album of Nikki Yanofsky : “Little Secret”. Please check her out : She’s a great Young talented pop and jazz singer !NY - Copie

(Click on the pic to enlarge it)


AOR from Rio

Here’s a portrait of the brasilian musician and singer Ed Motta. I made it as a tribute to his latest CD “AOR” that I love very much! A very cool West Coast’s Rock tribute CD :-)

ed motta


Snarky Jazz

Here’s my latest artwork : a painting of the jazz fusion group Snarky Puppy. Those young guys are rocking! A must seen on stage.(clic on the pic to enlarge it )

snfb - Copie



Meeting with my musical hero : George Benson !

Here’s a souvenir pic of a dream come true for me. A meeting with the great George Benson after his show at La Cigale on June 30th in Paris. Thank You for your kindness and your time for me George :-)

31 - Copie


Snarky Puppy B&W sketch

Here’s a pic af the Snarky Puppy band posing with a B&W sketch on canvas of my next painting after their great concert at Paris Jazz Festival. Incredible band with awesome musicians!(clic on the pic to enlarge it)





Here are some pictures of the exhibit I had the honor to make for the VIP room at Ferté-Jazz Festival 2014. Great music for 3 days and great meeting with amazing musicians !

10255289_519683978165988_6437278162334326033_n 10302111_519684018165984_8825616428561746308_n 10308067_518008845000168_4676533762857295224_n 10313650_519720928162293_4936093702142813836_n 10339713_519720908162295_5595277711743497627_n 10341478_519684004832652_167873930354798807_n 10356250_518008885000164_250123455128011128_n 10371446_518008821666837_5683181290392693927_n 10371647_518008858333500_7906605348411164054_n 10376738_518008851666834_8513552261970638387_n 10409489_519683991499320_8967214171979172564_n 10449502_519720858162300_6458953862504031901_n 10461959_519721051495614_763627341294920894_n



Jazz Accordion

Here’s a portrait of the great accordion player and jazz composer Richard Galliano . (Clic on the pic to enlarge it)

Richard Galliano - Copie


Blues man

Here’s my latest artwork : a portrait of the great Lucky Peterson ! (Click on the pic to enlarge it)

DSC00339 - Copie



Piano on the radio

Here’s my latest artwork. A portrait of the great jazz piano player and composer, Robert Glasper. I love his work and the multi musical influences he brings to his jazz music. (Clic on the pic to enlarge it)

robert glasper - copie

>>Robert Glasper gallery page



Bass Clarinet for Gorée

Here’s a painting inspired by Marcus Miller’s tune “Gorée” composed after he visited the Slaves House in Gorée Island (Senegal) where african people were waiting to be sent to the “New World” as Slaves …. A very deep title that I really dig… Thanks Mr Miller . (Clic on the pic to enlarge it)

>> GOREE (M.M.) gallery page

goree copie


Drummer Girl

Here’s a portrait in the half/half version I often use , of the great drummer and composer Terry Lyne Carrington. A must to listen to :-) (Click on the pic to enlarge it)

>>Terry Lyne Carrington Gallery Page



Gill Scott Heron & New Midnight Band’s tribute painting

Last September 2013 was the release of The New Midnight Band CD “Evolutionary Minded”  furthering the legacy of Gil Scott Heron. The band performed a  beautiful gig in Paris called  “The music of Gil Scott Heron Re-Visionned”. I was there and I was moved by the vibes of that beautiful show with french guests like Sandra Nkaké & Ji Dru. 3 months later here is what it blowed to my mind and to my brushes :-) (Click on the pic to enlarge it)

gsc tribute - Copie


Here’s an EPK of the “Evolutionary Minded” CD:

>>Gill Scott Heron Gallery Page


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