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Here’s a portrait of Mr Kyle Eastwood the famous movie star elder son. He’s a talentuous bass player and composer of jazz music and moviescores . He really is a very gentle guy. Check out his beautiful music ! (Clic sulla foto per ingrandirla)



meeting with the american classical music legend!

Last july I had the honor to meet Mr Randy Weston the fantastic piano player . He kindly posed with his painting and gave me a warm welcome before his beautiful show at New Morning.



Meeting with the Elements !

Last July I had the absolute honor to meet the founder members of Earth Wind & Quattro : Verdine White, Ralph Johnson and Philip Bailey backstage their Olympia hall show . What a memory ! All the band and staff gave me a warm welcome . They signed the tribute painting I made a few month ago when the band founder Mr Maurice White passed awayHere is a pic of that meeting and the every kind message Verdine white left on his facebook page the day afterIt was incredible to meet those guys I like since so much time !

13497897_1054193541283976_3470080416101448958_o verdine


D di di Esperanza Emily

Ecco un quadro omaggio a Esperanza Spalding ultimo album dove si dispone di una nomi dei personaggi Emily …Un grande CD dove ho trovato un certo gusto del mio amico alla fine del grande Jef Lee Johnson che probabilmente ha ispirato Esperanza per questo bel CD. (Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)

Emily D Espy (1 of 1) - Copie (di più…)



Ecco un paortrait del grande compositore e suonatore di trombone Fred Wesley ! E 'stato direttore musicale di James Brown ed è ora in tour con la sua band di New JB del . (Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)

FRED WESLEY (1 of 1) - Copie (di più…)



Ecco un ritratto del cantante francese , cantautore e musicista Yael Naim. Lei è una giovane artista di successo che canta il jazz , canzoni pop e folk.

Questo dipinto è stato fatto per decorare il prossimo Festival Jazz Ferté Jazz 2016 la prossima primavera :-) (Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla )

Yael Naim 2

(di più…)



Ecco un quadro omaggio al creatore degli elementi “terra Vento e fuoco”, l'unico e solo Maurice Bianco. Era uno dei miei eroi musicali e una parte della mia giovinezza svaniscono con la sua scomparsa…Egli sarà sempre il nostro Shining Star

(Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)

Maurice Bianco Pagina



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Una stella tra le stelle

Ecco un quadro omaggio a David Bowie…Ero davvero mosso dalla sua scomparsa e ha avuto l'idea di che la pittura mentre si ascolta la sua canzone durante il mio fare jogging…Egli era semplicemente incredibile…e ci mancherà…(Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)

Pagina David Bowie

DAVID BOWIE (1 of 1)

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Il Padre di Invention

Ecco un dipinto della fine del grande chitarrista, compositore di canzoni, cantante Frank Zappa. Un artista incredibile che ha usato il suo talento dal rock al jazz e classico…(Clic sulla foto per ingrandirla)

zappa - Copie - Copie

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Chick Corea

Ecco un ritratto della straordinaria pianista Chick Corea . Uno dei miei musicisti jazz preferiti :-)

(Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)

chick corea (1 of 1) - Copie (di più…)


Strasbourg Saint Denis !

Ecco un quadro di quintetto di Roy Hargrove 's. Volevo fare qualcosa per quei grandi musicisti che ho visto un sacco sul palco :Sullivan Fortner (Pianoforte) , Justin Robinson (Sax), Ameen Saleem (Basso) , Quincy Philips (Batteria) e, naturalmente, Roy Hargrove, il trombettista straordinario : uno dei miei preferiti, che ha scritto un grande pezzo di musica su un posto che conosciamo molto bene a Parigi : “Strasbourg Saint Denis” (Clic sulla foto per ingrandirla)





Ecco un ritratto del sassofonista stupefacente Kamasi Washington. Il suo ultimo CD dal titolo L'epica è stato un vero shock per me ! (Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)

kamasi washington - Copie (di più…)


JazzPics Exhibition

I will have a new exhibition with my friend, the jazz stage photographer Paul Charbit, at Théâtre Claude Debussy in Maisons-Alfort from September 28th to October 17th. Vernissage will take place on October 1st et Théâtre Debussy 6.30 pm.

Hope You’ll come to see our 40 paintings and jazz scene pictures in that beautiful place .



Arcobaleno Crow

Here’s another huge painting for my friend Jef Lee Johnson who passed away on January 2013. I made that painting for my next exhibition that will occure in october 2015. Jef called himself the rainbow crow after an american indian legend. Here’s the painting pisc and you can discover and read the legend under the pic :-) (Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)



Arcobaleno Crow

(Lenni Lenape Tribe)
retold by
S. E. Schlosser

It was so cold. Snow fell constantly, and ice formed over all the waters. The animals had never seen snow before. At first, it was a novelty, something to play in. But the cold increased tenfold, and they began to worry. The little animals were being buried in the snow drifts and the larger animals could hardly walk because the snow was so deep. Soon, all would perish if something were not done.”We must send a messenger to Kijiamuh Ka’ong, the Creator Who Creates By Thinking What Will Be,” said Wise Owl. “We must ask him to think the world warm again so that Spirit Snow will leave us in peace.”The animals were pleased with this plan. They began to debate among themselves, trying to decide who to send up to the Creator. Wise Owl could not see well during the daylight, so he could not go. Coyote was easily distracted and like playing tricks, so he could not be trusted. Turtle was steady and stable, but he crawled too slowly. Finally, Arcobaleno Crow, the most beautiful of all the birds with shimmering feathers of rainbow hues and an enchanting singing voice, was chosen to go to Kijiamuh Ka’ong.It was an arduous journey, three days up and up into the heavens, passed the trees and clouds, beyond the sun and the moon, and even above all the stars. He was buffeted by winds and had no place to rest, but he carried bravely on until he reached Heaven. When Rainbow Crow reached the Holy Place, he called out to the Creator, but received no answer. The Creator was too busy thinking up what would be to notice even the most beautiful of birds. So Rainbow Crow began to sing his most beautiful song.

The Creator was drawn from his thoughts by the lovely sound, and came to see which bird was making it. He greeted Rainbow Crow kindly and asked what gift he could give the noble bird in exchange for his song. Rainbow Crow asked the Creator to un-think the snow, so that the animals of Earth would not be buried and freeze to death. But the Creator told Rainbow Crow that the snow and the ice had spirits of their own and could not be destroyed.

“What shall we do then?” asked the Rainbow Crow. “We will all freeze or smother under the snow.”

“You will not freeze,” the Creator reassured him, “For I will think of Fire, something that will warm all creatures during the cold times.”

The Creator stuck a stick into the blazing hot sun. The end blazed with a bright, glowing fire which burned brightly and gave off heat. “This is Fire,” he told Rainbow Crow, handing him the cool end of the stick. “You must hurry to Earth as fast as you can fly before the stick burns up.”

Rainbow Crow nodded his thanks to the Creator and flew as fast as he could go. It was a three-day trip to Heaven, and he was worried that the Fire would burn out before he reached the Earth. The stick was large and heavy, but the fire kept Rainbow Crow warm as he descended from Heaven down to the bright path of the stars. Then the Fire grew hot as it came closer to Rainbow Crows feathers. As he flew passed the Sun, his tail caught on fire, turning the shimmering beautiful feathers black. By the time he flew passed the Moon, his whole body was black with soot from the hot Fire. When he plunged into the Sky and flew through the clouds, the smoke got into his throat, strangling his beautiful singing voice.

By the time Rainbow Crow landed among the freezing-cold animals of Earth, he was black as tar and could only Caw instead of sing. He delivered the fire to the animals, and they melted the snow and warmed themselves, rescuing the littlest animals from the snow drifts where they lay buried.

It was a time of rejoicing, for Tindeh – Quattro – had come to Earth. But Rainbow Crow sat apart, saddened by his dull, ugly feathers and his rasping voice. Then he felt the touch of wind on his face. He looked up and saw the Creator Who Creates By Thinking What Will Be walking toward him.

“Do not be sad, Arcobaleno Crow,” the Creator said. “All animals will honor you for the sacrifice you made for them. And when the people come, they will not hunt you, for I have made your flesh taste of smoke so that it is no good to eat and your black feathers and hoarse voice will prevent man from putting you into a cage to sing for him. You will be free.”

Then the Creator pointed to Rainbow Crow’s black feathers. Before his eyes, Rainbow Crow saw the dull feathers become shiny and inside each one, he could see all the colors of the rainbow. “This will remind everyone who sees you of the service you have been to your people,” he said, “and the sacrifice you made that saved them all.”

And so shall it ever be.



Here’s a portrait of the amazing sax player Kamasi Washington. He just released an incredible album mixing, jazz, funk and hip hop that shocked me ! You must check out that incredible musician!

(Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)

kamasi washington - Copie


Meeting with Marcus Miller

Here are some souvenir pics from a cool meeting with the awesome musician and bass player Marcus Miller . He posed with the GOREE painting that he especially liked.

His manager Bernard Dulau kindly posed with the tribute painting to the great Jazz producer and lover FRANCIS DREYFUS.

Thank You gentlemen for your warm welcome !








Here’s a painting I did for Byron Miller to celebrate his Psycho Bass CD who came out JUne 1st. Byron in a space suit ready to play the space funk with the late great George Duke watching after him :-) (Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)



Byron Miller’s PSYCHO BASS CD booklet

I am proud to announce the release on JUNE 1st of the 2nd CD for which I illustrated the booklet. The fourth album of Byron Miller, the Funk bassist who collaborated with George Duke and Luther Vandross ! He created the first funk bass solo that became a reference of its kind on the track “Reach For It” for George Duke in 1977! What a privilege to be a part of his new project. You can already preorder it on Itunes or Amazon for digital download or CD :-)

(Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)

psychobass cd2

Byron Miller


All is Well !

Here’s a portrait of Lisa Simone , Nina Simone’s daughter, who is a brilliant jazz & soul singer . She released her 1st album “All is Well” this year. She has a great voice and has found her way far from the shadow of her mother the awesome Nina Simone. (Clic sulla foto per ingrandirla)

Lisa Simone


Katche/Bona/Di Battista/Legnini : The ultimate quartet

Here’s a painting of the 4 amazing jazz musicians Manu Katche, Richard Bona, Stefano di Battista and Eric Legnini playing together . These four musicians have come together to form an incredible quartet with beautiful compositions that occurs occasionally. Don’t miss them on stage! (Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla)

kbdl - Copie




Libretto del CD Arcobaleno Ombra

Sono orgoglioso di far parte di nuove opus di Reggie Washington a venire il 1 ° giugno 2015 detto : “Arcobaleno Ombra” un omaggio a Jef Lee Johnson. Questo album è dedicato alla musica del grande chitarrista tardi Jef Lee Johnson scomparso nel mese di gennaio 2013. Dovete ascoltare quella gemma che ingrandita musica di Jef Lee Johnson con grandi ospiti ! Il libretto del CD e il CD si è decorata con alcuni dei miei quadri per questo progetto . Grazie a Reggie Washington e Stefany Calembert dal Jammincolors utilizzare le mie opere per questo bel progetto.

Potete preordinare che CD inviando una mail a




Omaggio a Slave Route Project di Marcus Miller

Ecco un quadro in omaggio al prossimo CD di Marcus Miller “Afrodeezia” ispirato dal suo coinvolgimento come Goodwill Ambassador all'UNESCO sul Progetto Tratta degli schiavi. Questo album è una bella e onora i ritmi africani che sono stati trasportati in nuovo continente dagli schiavi hanno avuto l'opportunità di esprimersi solo attraverso la musica …. (Clic sulla foto per ingrandirla)
afrodeezia - Copie


“Affrontare coraggiosamente una situazione difficile” Mostra

Mangiare un buon housemade hamburger o con un semplicemente un drink tra Marvin Gaye, Maceo Parker, Ibrahim Maalouf e altri artisti?
È al ” Coltrane Bar”& ” Cosmo Restaurant”, 38-40 Notre Dame de Nazareth a Parigi 3 ° arrondissement A partire da oggi!
La mostra dipinti “Affrontare coraggiosamente una situazione difficile” è appena iniziata! Si prega di condividere l'evento e gustare il vostro pasto:-)


coltrane11 DSC03613




Jazz Francese & Roccia Flavour

Ecco un doppio ritratto del grande cantante francese Sandra NKake e il grande flautista ji Dru. Sono 2 incredibili talenti francesi e si deve ascoltare la loro musica !

sandra nkake-ji dru - Copie


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