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the BLACK-NOTES exhibition in Val de Reuil (France: 27100)

The BLACK-NOTES exhibition is happening during this summer at theMédiathèque Le Corbusierin the city of Val de Reuil in the department of Eure (27100) FRANCE. This exhibition presents 30 peintures d'artistes jazz & soul avec 10 photos de quelques toiles à Paris prises par Jean-Claude BOURBAULT acteur français et photographe.Elle se déroule tout l'été du 8 Juillet au 2 Septembre. Donc si vous êtes en France près de Paris ces jours-ci, You may take a trip to Val de Reuil to see some paintings live 😉

For more informations about opening times please check out this link :

Here are some pictures of the varnishing. We had the honor to have Chyco Simeon himself to come for that special day !

Chyco Simeon near his painting.



I’ve had the great honor to present 5 paintings at OLYMPIA HALL on July 1st & July 2nd during a Jazz Festival staged by Seydou BARRY (Ahmad JAMAL’s manager) & The Duc des Lombards .I’ve had the oportunity to meet Ms Esperanza Spalding & Mr Ahmad JAMAL for the occasion and they both signed the canvas and pose with their portrait.I’d like to thank a thousand times Mr Seydou BARRY who gave me the authorization for that exhibition and of course Mr Arnaud DELLEBARRE C.E.O of OLYMPIA HALL and everyone at OLYMPIA HALL. For that special exhibition I had the pleasure to meet Mrs Alexandra YABROV from SCULLER’s JAZZ club (BOSTON) who is a special fan of the Jazz & Soul Paintings.


Bienvenue sur le site officiel de Pascal Martos!

Hello everyone,

I am proudly announcing we have launched Pascal’s web site!!!
Please enjoy his beautiful paintings 🙂
If you noticed anything about this site, please feel free to post on Guestbook or send a message from Contact page!


You can purchase Pascal’s work….

Hi everyone!
I am gladly announcing that most of Pascal’s paintings are for sale on this web site.

Une impression d'une copie d'une toile :
Print size : 30cm x 40cm (soit: 12 pouces x 16 POUCES) on fine art paper.
Price : 80 euros (shipping fee included)
Please click [Add to Cart] button on each page of painting you wish to buy.

An original painting :
If you want to purchase an original painting, S'il vous plaît, contacter Pascal par email ( ou à l'aide de la page de contact .

Une peinture sur commande :
Si vous souhaitez commander une peinture pour vous-même ou quelqu'un en particulier, S'il vous plaît, contacter Pascal par email ( ou à l'aide de la page de contact .
30% of the total price will be needed to be paid in advance.


Oops, problems!

Hi everyone,

I am using WordPress to build Pascal’s web site. WordPress is great but me being NOT super expert, even though I am a web site designer…, sometimes take too long to solve small problems. Theme and plugins, plugins conflict with other plugins… I’ve been working on to find a cause of one problem and after I found the cause and fixed it, another problem showed up… then took one day to fix the problem. Anyway, I am good to add more information now!

Hope by Pascal Martos


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