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Here’s the flyer of my upcoming exhibit in Mai 2018. This exhibition will take place in Longjumeau (France) during the jazz festival of this city. I’ll display around 50 pieces for 10 days from Mai 2nd ’till May 12th 2018. Hope to see You there 🙂



The ERIK TRUFFAZ painting will be displayed next month in my hometown at a collective exhibition . I won a price there last year . Wish me luck this year !


Maisons-Alfort’s art exhibit city painting prize

I’m proud to announce that this year one of my artworks won the City Prize at the annual Maisons-Alfort’s art exhibit. That « Monk » painting was made earlier in 2016 and had the luck to be appreciate by the jury ! Cool 🙂





Exposition JazzPics

Il y aura une nouvelle expo avec mon ami, le photographe de scène Paul Charbit, au Théâtre Claude Debussy à Maisons-Alfort du 28 Septembre au 17 Octobre 2015. Le vernissage aura lieu le 1er Octobre au Théâtre Debussy à 6.30 le soir.

J'espère que vous viendrez voir nos 40 peintures et photos de la scène Jazz dans ce superbe lieu . Here’s a link to a sneak preview video of the exhibition :



nice review of the Jazz-Faces exhibit in « Le Parisien »

Here’s a nice review of the Jazz-Faces show in the french newspaper « Le Parisien »
article parisien



My new exhibition called « Jazz-Faces » will take place for 3 month in Maisons-Alfort (France,) à partir du 1er Octobre jusqu'au 28 Décembre ! Hope to see You there. Consultez ce lien pour les heures d'ouverture et plus d'informations. Feel free to email me if You would like to see me during that show 🙂

expo jazz portraits 1 - Copie


New « BLACK NOTES » exhibition

As I mentioned a month ago, the « Black Notes » exhibition is gonna take place from May 2nd until June 30th in Maisons-Alfort. The Music Space team of the médiathèque asked me to extend the « March in Jazz »painting exhibit 2 mois de plus. C'est donc fait, I hope You’ll have the opportunity to come to that show where there will be some new paintings exhibited 😉

Heures d'ouverture ici:

You can phone the médiathèque (4, rue Albert Camus – ask for Dominique or Jean Pierre at l’Espace Musique ) or send me an email for more informations.

Hope to see You there 🙂



Hi everyone!

I’m glad to announce that the painting exhibition at La Médiathèque André Malraux in Maisons-Alfort is extended from May 2nd to June 30th ! So If You have not been able to come, You’ll have more time to see my paintings and the pictures of Jean-Claude Bourbault 🙂



« Mars en Jazz » varnishing

Here are some pictures of the « Mars en Jazz » varnishing that occured recently. A very nice momentThanks to all the friends and people who were there and a special thanks to all thegreat team of the « Médiathèque André Malraux » in Maisons-Alfort ( Dominique, Jean Pierre and Michel ) 🙂



Announcement of the « Mars en Jazz » exhibition in the local mag of Maisons-Alfort



Je suis fier de vous annoncer , l'exposition de 40 toiles en Mars 2012 at the « Mars En Jazz » event in Maisons Alfort, my town. Cette exposition aura lieu du 6 Mars au 31 Mars 2012 à la Médiathèque André Malraux, 4 rue Albert Camus 94700 Maisons-Alfort, N° de téléphone :

Mes peintures seront exposées avec quelques photos de mon ami le photographe et comédien français, Jean-Claude Bourbault et avec quelques affiches de collection sur la bande dessinée et la musique apportées par Jean Claude Slagmulder

Il y aura de nombreuses activités d'autres autour du Jazz durant Mars à la Médiathèque comme des concerts, conférences and there will be a show of Terez Montcalm with her band on March 17th at the « Théatre Debussy »

The entrance of the exhibit is free during opening hours. Please check out the following link for opening days and hours . I hope You’ll enjoy your visit to that show 🙂


the BLACK-NOTES exhibition in Val de Reuil (France: 27100)

The BLACK-NOTES exhibition is happening during this summer at the « Médiathèque Le Corbusier » in the city of Val de Reuil in the department of Eure (27100) FRANCE. This exhibition presents 30 peintures d'artistes jazz & soul avec 10 photos de quelques toiles à Paris prises par Jean-Claude BOURBAULT acteur français et photographe.Elle se déroule tout l'été du 8 Juillet au 2 Septembre. Donc si vous êtes en France près de Paris ces jours-ci, You may take a trip to Val de Reuil to see some paintings live 😉

For more informations about opening times please check out this link :

Here are some pictures of the varnishing. We had the honor to have Chyco Simeon himself to come for that special day !

Chyco Simeon near his painting.



I’ve had the great honor to present 5 paintings at OLYMPIA HALL on July 1st & July 2nd during a Jazz Festival staged by Seydou BARRY (Ahmad JAMAL’s manager) & The Duc des Lombards .I’ve had the oportunity to meet Ms Esperanza Spalding & Mr Ahmad JAMAL for the occasion and they both signed the canvas and pose with their portrait.I’d like to thank a thousand times Mr Seydou BARRY who gave me the authorization for that exhibition and of course Mr Arnaud DELLEBARRE C.E.O of OLYMPIA HALL and everyone at OLYMPIA HALL. For that special exhibition I had the pleasure to meet Mrs Alexandra YABROV from SCULLER’s JAZZ club (BOSTON) who is a special fan of the Jazz & Soul Paintings.


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