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Signing with Ibrahim Maalouf

I had the honor to meet Mr Ibrahim Maalouf the great French Trumpet player born in Lebanon after his gig at Paris Jazz Festival. A very nice musician with a lot of humour and a great kindness. Thanks for Your time Ibrahim 🙂


Marcus Miller’s “Renaissance Tour” Band

I recently had the chance to see the new Marcus Miller show for his latest album “Renaissance”. Il Ă©tait fantastique! I had to put on a canvas all the energy and soul that irradiated from stage that day. Alors, voici une peinture hommage Ă  ce nouveau grand groupe et Ă  cet nouvel album magnifique de M. Marcus Miller…Ils vont ĂŞtre tournĂ©e en Europe et en France Ă  l'automne prochain: Don’t miss them!!!
>> Marcus Miller’s “Renaissance Tour” Band gallary page


Rencontre avec Poogie Bell au New Morning avec le trio de Reggie Washington .

I recently had the honor to meet again Mr Poogie Bell when he came in Paris to play with the great bass player Reggie Washington and the fabulous guitar player Jeff Lee Johnson at New Morning. Il a posé avec la peinture de son propre groupe : le Poogie Bell Band pour le fun. Thanks so much for your time Poogie 🙂
>> The Poogie Bell Band gallary page

Le concert était génial! Here’s a link to know more about Poogie and his partners: Reggie Washington and Jeff Lee Johnson:


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