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Rencontre avec Philippe Petrucciani

Voici une photo souvenir d'une rencontre que j'ai eu récemment avec Philippe Petrucciani. Il est le frère de Michel Petrucciani et c'est un joueur de guitare Jazz étonnant. It was a great pleasure to meet him and listen to his music . I showed him the painting I did about Michel a year ago and he liked it 🙂



Under the “Blue Moon”

Voici ma dernière toile: a tribute to Mr Ahmad Jamal’s latest album called “Blue Moon” . I had the chance to see him and his quartet perform atLe Chateletlast year for the world premiere of that masterpiece. This album is a must to listen to 🙂 (Cliquez sur l'image pour l'agrandir)
>> Blue Moon gallary page


Signing with Christian Scott

I recently had the pleasure to meet Mr Christian Scott: an amazing trumpet player . I love his work since I discovered him with Marcus Miller on theTutu Revisited Tour”. That guy is incredibly gifted , generous and cool. He made me the honor to sign a painting I did 2 years ago .Thanks Christian 🙂


Signing With Lalah Hathaway

Here are some souvenir pictures of Miss Lalah Hathaway signing one painting I did about Her and Joe Sample. She is a wonderfull person and an incredible vocal artist! Thanks so much for your kindness , your time and the friendship Lalah 🙂






Signing with Jeff Lee Johnson

Here are some souvenir pics from a recent meeting with Mr Jeff Lee Johnson. That amazing guitar player made me the honor to sign the painting I did about him 🙂

Thank You for Your kindness, your amazing talent and your support to my work Mr Johnson.




Jazz Legend

Voici un portrait de la légende du saxophone Jazz : Mr Wayne Shorter. Incroyable saxophoniste et compositeur, Wayne Shorter is still playing live round the world and bringing his jazz magic to our ears 🙂
>> Wayne Shorter gallary page


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